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Some writers do this through their fiction, others treat the platform more like an open diary.

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Or do you want to find out what others are talking about? Though calling and texting have immediate advantage, I think it can't be equated with the impression that a postcard makes. It's one of the things that brings us together. On what do you want to comment? It's nice to have people to support you in their comments - writing is really a lonely path. I'm Malaysian and it's a way to improve English. Have you seen or been involved in a news event? Are there topics you want to get the world talking about? Melanie - pen name, DriftingSilently Image copyright Melanie I was drawn to Inkvite because I wanted to write things that I didn't necessarily want to have my close friends read. In December , Radio 1 moved from Yalding House to new studios on the 8th floor of the new BBC Broadcasting House , Portland Place, just a few metres away from the "Peel Wing", formerly the "Egton Wing", which occupies the land on which Egton House previously stood: it was renamed the "Peel Wing" in in honour of the long-serving BBC Radio 1 presenter, John Peel , who broadcast on the station from its launch in up until his death in

Postcard becomes a memory and you can come back to it later, but you can't do it with phone call or text message.

We can also leave public feedback on stories.

how to send a postcard from somewhere else

Yesterday, I went to a used bookstore in downtown Charlotte and bought tons of postcards. They're killing the country by having that play list monopoly. Friction left the station.

There's a lot of opportunities to surprise each other. The success of Moyles' show has come alongside increased success for the station in general. Your contact details. She had to admit it: her story was stuck, her characters were stuck, and so was she. The very fact that it was part of an "establishment" institution such as the BBC was a turn-off for some, and needle time restrictions prevented it from playing as many records as offshore stations had. If you like to receive a postcard from me, e-mail me your mailing address and I will send you one with a Rumi or Bedil poem, or simple greetings. Digital distribution[ edit ] The BBC launched its national radio stations on DAB digital radio in , however the technology was expensive at the time and so was not marketed, instead used as a test for future technologies. In some cases your text, as well as your images, may be used on BBC output. Before July , when the chart release day was changed to Friday, the BBC show competed with networked commercial radio's The Big Top 40 Show which was broadcast at the same time. The touring summer live broadcasts called the Radio 1 Roadshow — usually as part of the BBC 'Radio Weeks' promotions that took Radio 1, 2 and 4 shows on the road — drew some of the largest crowds of the decade. Programmes have also regularly been broadcast from other regions, notably The Mark and Lard Show, broadcast every weekday from New Broadcasting House , Oxford Road, Manchester for over a decade October — March — the longest regular broadcast on the network from outside the capital. Inkvite gives you support, both creative and emotional.

Other changes include the shows rearrangement of Sunday evenings. The app is a good way for me to watch how I've grown as a writer and person. I think it's cool because we are all these strangers writing on an app, but we have this mutual respect and we treat each other as family.

It was sent on March 25, from Charlottenburg, a district of Berlin, where Kafka was meeting with a group of fellow authors who shared the same publisher.

write a postcard bbc arabic

It's tight-knit. They used to broadcast from two main studios in the basement; Y2 and Y3 there is also a smaller studio, YP1, used mainly for production.

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