Why write a senior thesis

Who is my audience and how can I reach them?

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Sometimes the introduction is the toughest place to start. Consult Your Instructor Remember that your instructor is the final authority on the details and requirements of your paper.

Importance of thesis in research

Make approaching a professor or potential adviser one of the first things you do and hammer out the details. We dread drafting because it requires synthesis, one of the more difficult forms of thinking and interpretation. Instead, give more consideration to the points below to help you decide if you should take on a senior thesis. You can explore, in great depth, a subject that is of great interest to you, but only tangentially if at all broached in the general curriculum. Going through the process literally took blood, sweat, and tears, just kidding. Ask yourself questions about the context and significance of each source. Dedication flows from interest but is improved by keeping engaged and realizing that this is for your future. You deserve it. It fosters the development of specific skills and habits of mind that augur well for future success. You will have to address enough topics as is.

Detailed information can be found on the DAS website. The culmination of this process is the senior thesis, which provides a unique opportunity for students to pursue original research and scholarship in a field of their choosing.

Often, students spend too much time researching and then find themselves in a crunch, madly writing in the final hours. How does my case study inform or challenge my field writ large? Blow your mind. It is well-suited for highly motivated and self-starting students. What are other questions you have that I can answer?

Thousands upon thousands of students have come before you and managed to successfully complete their thesis.

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Does it pose new questions for my project? That is good advice. What is the most surprising finding of my research? The opportunity cost of a language program is low because there are a dozen other times and places you can get that skill. Consult Your Instructor Remember that your instructor is the final authority on the details and requirements of your paper. Organize Your Research Compose your works cited or bibliography entries as you work on your paper. For more on this, see our handout on plagiarism. Do the minimum language and management classes.
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I Wrote A Senior Thesis, Should You?