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A vast variety of options are open to the company. Social: decline in sitting down to eat three meals a day and increase in grazing: snacking on ice-cream could be described as grazing; trend towards healthier eating and use of natural flavours: Ben and Jerrys could claim to be on the healthier end of ice-cream with their natural flavours; increasing importance of CSR, as discussed in the chapter: CSR core to Ben and Jerrys as an organization.

Some strategies can be implemented immediately; others take more time to succeed. It benefits from its high product quality, social image and marketing strategy, high employee satisfaction, and overall good financial situation while it suffers from high costs of sale, poor policies towards distributors and suppliers, and lack of international focus.

Haagen-Dazs has gained a first-move advantage in Europe. Reduction of cost of sales: A lower cost structure increases profitability, shareholder equity, and ability to stay competitive.

ben and jerry case study summary

Again, students may wish to relate other factors to the task and contextual environment Morgan, Other decisions regarding the internal running of the company will have to be made. The chart below shows how the future structure inside the company could look like: Abbildung in dieser Leseprobe nicht enthalten Chart 6.

Legal: An obscure law meant that Ben and Jerrys could restrict sale of stock to Vermont residents. It could be argued that we are just not told enough information in the case study to answer the question.

The performance record compared to the industry average also proves this point

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Ben and jerry case study