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From a press release on July 29, Occupant safety systems -The Company announced that it has started producing and delivering its next-generation Snake pretensioner retractor 4 SPR4 seat belt assemblies.

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Army to control the inventory of Cheyenne helicopter parts. With the launch of electric steering for Ford's "Ecosport" and "Fiesta" models, The Company is bringing clear cost and environmental benefits to automakers in South America.

ZF TRW is planning to invest USD 30 million over the next five years to increase capacity and expand the product line at its existing plant.

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The production capacity is expected to reachunits annually by Replacing conventional metal components with a plastic piston has led to a more compact and lighter packaging.

It helped to develop the full passive safety system, supplying airbags including side and curtainseat belts, steering wheel and safety electronics, and on the active safety side it also assisted in developing and supplying electronic stability control, anti-lock braking and foundation brake systems.

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The two sets of stairs shown are those leading to the Cafeteria of Building S.

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