Trends in hospitality boutique hotels

The possibilities do not end there, and it is easy to see why the smart room idea has emerged in the first place, becoming one of the top trends in hospitality over the recent years.

boutique hotel trends 2019

This includes lights, conditioning, media devices in every room separately via many IoT sensors; as well chat with concierges, hotel restaurants booking, and instant access to flight schedules.

This not a fantasy — Marriott Hotels offered such a VR experiences several years ago. Those range from a treehouse to a monastery to an igloo in Norway, a tent in the Moroccan desert, the shores of the Red Sea, and even a bubble nestled in nature so they can gaze at stars before drifting off to sleep.

Any type of gamification can be appreciated if used in the right area of the hotel experience. Head home after the experts have studied your reports and advised you on how to enhance your current lifestyle for long-term health benefits.

Trends in hospitality boutique hotels

Airbnb's overtures are definitely having an effect. There is a clear evolution in the consumer journey on what both corporate and leisure guests genuinely want from their home away from home, being the luxury and comfort of a hotel teamed with the ease and familiarity of an Airbnb.

For example, in Bangkok, the New Akyra Sukhumvit has become the first single-use-plastic-free hotel. Localhood and authenticity In an increasingly globalized and standardized world affecting inevitably with its dynamics the hospitality industry, authenticity is the new change of gear.

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