The village by the sea by anita desi critical appreciation

That incident might force him to be brave enough to act since he thinks if he does not go away from the village, he would never get the chance to help his family out of poverty and out of debts made by his father.

The village by the sea by anita desi critical appreciation

The use of various techniques including imagery, juxtaposition and foreshadowing embody the significance to adapting to change, to stay strong and the importance of kindness. Thus, the thematic appeal of the novel, The Village by the Sea sounds very vital, touching and convincing. After comparing and contrasting the theme for both novels, the readers could notice that the theme is very common that we could see it is happening in real life situation where everyone should have something to achieve in life. Language in India. At first, Hari is suspicious of his offer but then analyzes his situation and reaches the conclusion that Lila will never be able to find a good husband without money and that it is now his responsibility to provide for his family. In order to have room for improvement to take place, people should be daring enough to make, face and adapt to the changes. Zulaikha Anis 1. Retrieved August 7, , from. Anita Desai is a keen observer of the society and the position of the women in the contemporary society draws her special attention. As he has done his in-depth thinking he makes up his mind and decides to leave for Bombay, a very strange place which he has never been to. Hari acquires the skill that he manages to repair a watch of Mr.

Desai wrote her first English story when she was 7 years old and published it when she was 9 years old Based on true events, it is a story set in a small coastal village Thul near Bombay.

His father also seems pleased to see him in his own gruff way.

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Besides, he is also the one who Lila and her sisters depend on since he pays them to work for him at his vacation house. When he arrives in Bombay, he is stunned by the city—its buildings, its crowds, the smells and noises, the cars.

Desai was born in northern Indian town located at the foot hills of the Himalaya Mountains.

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Not even a time that the Anita Desai describes her character as being regretful of her fate to hold the responsibility to manage the family. Monsoon season is hard for both Hari in Bombay and the villagers by the sea. For a teenage of her age, it is not suitable for her to just stay at home without friends who she can hang out with, without the chance to finish her study and also she has no time to think of other things a teenage girl used to do. Hari returns and has an emotional reunion with his sisters. He decides to go at Diwali, and continues to learn the watchmaking trade from Mr. Besides, I had some discussions with some of my colleagues and teachers where I could learn various and almost contrasting aspects relating to the thematic implications of the novel under scrutiny. Even after Hari returns home with enough money for them to buy better food and other daily needs, the readers would notice that she is not used to being reach, even for a day.

To sum up, it is very good to be determined in achieving something for life improvement but it has to be done in a very good manner as well. Hari and his father are able to take Mother home for Diwali.

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Among the things he has to handle is the fact that he does not know anyone in the city, being insulted by the city people and getting a job but a very hard one that he has to work all day, besides he does not have any house to be called a home.

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