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From the outside, people assume that the Nazis had brainwashed every German citizen during their reign. In brainwashing was used to distort the citizens' concepts of reality, and these distorted concepts led to a total belief in a totalitarian regime Main features include an infallible leader, planned economy, strict party discipline, strong armament, an official doctrine that everyone has to believe, and absolute obedience of individuals to the State, etc.

A phenomenon that made the world speechless, that is. Despite these characteristics, different totalitarian regimes were different in policies and dispensation.

Dangers of totalitarianism

Maintaining its aggressive attitude and negative behavior toward its neighbors, North Korea has remained in defiance of United Nations Security Council resolutions, and threatened nuclear attacks on the United States and its allies, while continuing to work on its nuclear and missile capabilities. In the book , written by George Orwell, was published. Modern societies have modeled their government organizational structure and military discipline practices from lessons learned of these ancient city-states. In a totalitarian government, this government has power over every aspect of personal and private life. Totalitarianism was a form of government in which the state involves itself in all facts of society, including the daily life of its citizens. Thus, the social fabric is weakened and people become more amenable to absorption into a single, unified movement. Because of this inefficiency famines can be caused and people of an entire country can go hungry and tons of people die in result Totalitarianism. The ideal family was for the Nazis a family of 4 members. Thus, they take away the right of free thought in order to have absolute command over the citizens of Oceania. Indeed, high-ranked Party members such as Grigory Zinoviev were accused of treason and the assassination of Politburo member Sergei Kirov in marked the start of the Great Purge which ended in That too was a gesture belonging to the ancient time. It shows how animals do not like the way they are treated by being used to do the humans work for them. Unlike the men who engage freely in homosexual behaviors, there is no sexuality or intimacy that forms between women within the camps. The Human Condition and her work on totalitarianism work together to highlight the contemporary human predicament.

Such actions were meant to make people think twice before questioning the state Noble et al, The resulting popular support permits the state the widest latitude of action of any form of government.

They included the mentally handicapped, political prisoners, homosexuals, and Jews.

totalitarianism essay

In the United States, we are accustomed to a safe democratic government where everyone has a voice and freedoms, but what if it all changed. Throughout the book, the party attempts to gain complete control over Oceania in many different ways, some, similarly used, currently When religious freedom is taken away or silenced, people will either back down or speak up.

Orwell's novel accurately predicted this scenario.

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