The difficulty of accepting reality english literature essay

A variety of aspects of his very own life and personal experiences were implemented into his literary works. Amanda too lives in constant pursuit of her bygone youth, and old records from her childhood are almost as important to Laura as her glass animals.

However, Tang and Song poets clearly had different literary orientations, reflecting differences between Tang and Song societies. The device thus seems at best ironic, and at worst somewhat pretentious or condescending. Each of these acts of desertion proves devastating for those left behind.

While considering such complex psychological situation, it becomes evident that psychological loss of space seems to be one of the key problems the author highlights in his play.

the glass menagerie illusion

The menagerie also represents the imaginative world to which Laura devotes herself—a world that is colorful and enticing but based on fragile illusions. Taking into account the attitude of all characters towards the realities of life, one can make a conclusion that the main characters require objectivity.

The difficulty of accepting reality english literature essay

Like the figurines, Laura is delicate, fanciful, and somehow old-fashioned. No one is ready to accept the reality because it is really painful. Which aspects ofThe Glass Menagerieare realistic?

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