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This soil erosion refers to soil pollution. One thing to note here is all the above factors occupy just a small portion of the causes.

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There are two main causes through which soil pollution is generated : anthropogenic man-made causes and natural causes. Effects of Soil Pollution 1. In addition to lead, coal ash typically contains variable but significant concentrations of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons PAHs; e. Treated sewage sludge , known in the industry as biosolids , has become controversial as a " fertilizer ". This soil erosion refers to soil pollution. Organophosphates and carbonates can induce a chain of responses leading to neuromuscular blockage. Waste Disposal Finally, a growing cause for concern is how we dispose of our waste.

It is only slightly soluble in water but is very soluble in the bloodstream. Contact with contaminated soil may be direct, from using parks, schools etc.

Mercury and cyclodienes are known to induce higher incidences of kidney damage and some irreversible diseases.

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Regular use of chemical fertilizers, inorganic fertilizers, pesticides will decrease the fertility of the soil at a rapid rate and alter the structure of the soil. It is highly toxic but it rapidly degrades in soil due to the action of bacteria and does not kill soil fauna. Human activities that pollute the soil range from agricultural practices that infest the crops with pesticide chemicals to urban or industrial wastes or radioactive emissions that contaminate the soil with various toxic substances. The volume is expected to double to , tons of dry solids in This group works by preventing normal nerve transmission as cholinesterase is prevented from breaking down the transmitter substance acetylcholine, resulting in uncontrolled muscle movements. Industries have been given regulations for the disposal of hazardous waste, which aims at minimizing the area that becomes polluted. Treated sewage sludge , known in the industry as biosolids , has become controversial as a " fertilizer ". Also known as agrochemical pollution. Chronic exposure to chromium , lead and other metals, petroleum, solvents, and many pesticide and herbicide formulations can be carcinogenic, can cause congenital disorders , or can cause other chronic health conditions.

Many chlorinated solvents induce liver changes, kidney changes and depression of the central nervous system. The creation of toxic dust is another potential effect of soil pollution. Humans of any age may also suffer kidney or liver damage from exposure to excessive mercury in soil.

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Soil Pollution: Definition, Causes, Pesticides, After