Science olympiad anatomy practice test

Making the Note Sheet [ edit ] Source-check before doing anything. Cells have organelles, which carry out important jobs inside the cell. Full Sets[ edit ] Note: This section is only for links to full test sets.

science olympiad anatomy and physiology 2019

This makes finding information easier during competition. They help us with the five senses taste, touch, smell, sight, soundmemory, and autonomous activities like breathing. However, they can be grouped into a few simple categories.

Color code the information by system or subdivision of a system. Pencils are easier to erase, while pens do not smudge. Here are just a few.

Diffusion is when particles of high concentration move to areas of low concentration.

Science olympiad anatomy and physiology rules 2019

Vesicles transport substances throughout the cells. Even though binders are not allowed during competition, it remains a great way to store, organize and memorize all information for the event. Epithelium is classified by the number of cell layers and the shape of the epithelial cells. A model would often be used for questions about labeling a system. Put pictures of parts of the system, their name or their function on the cards. Epithelial Cells help protect the body and provide a covering. Just like the brain is the main command center for the body, the nucleus is the main command center of the cell.

Lysosomes break down material that is no longer in use. Include charts, like the Hormones and Muscle Lists. Vacuoles store substances in the cell.

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Anatomy and Physiology