Sarv dharma sambhav

Sarv dharma sambhav

Tolerance of differences creates harmony, not pretending that differences do not exist. Some religious groups regard the world as merely six thousand years old; others see it as billions of years old.

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Expressing concerns over the constitutional barriers he further added, We must all lay stress on interfaith religious teaching. Some allow the use of images in religious worship, others vehemently oppose it. Sarva Dharma Samabhava, which is a religious idea, has become a primary political principle in India — that in order to create social harmony we must honor all religions as the same, so that religious differences do not fuel social conflicts. If we tell people to return to their original religion as taught by its founder, they may not find this magical unity of Sarva Dharma Samabhava but only an original zealousness and intolerance such as often exists at the early stage of religions, particularly those based upon an historical revelation. Does it really serve the cause of truth to make all religions equally true? Such religions generally insist that even a good person cannot gain salvation unless he or she has the proper religious belief, which naturally is their belief. We believe in sarva dharma sambhav. Hindus should not seek to politically enforce their beliefs, but they should not seek to politically enforce other religious beliefs either. Questioning them does not mean mindlessly discarding them but taking them for what they are worth, which in religion like in any human field of activity, from politics to art and science, has both some benefit and some imperfection. Not all mysticism is of a sattvic or selfless nature. All religions are equally valid ways of knowing God or truth. It is an idea conditioned by time, place and person that cannot be acceptable to everyone. The Islamic belief that Mohammed is the last prophet is also not a Dharma, but an identification of truth with a particular person and a specific historical revelation.

This could be called the Dharmic way of spiritual development. That all Dharmas are one should not be used as an excuse for adharma to place itself beyond question. A true celebration of unity in diversity is it not Religion has always been a major factor in the growth of human civilisation.

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Can such mere wishful thinking eradicate real differences and contrary beliefs? When Sarva Dharma Samabhava fails to challenge the poison of conversion under the guise of respecting and tolerating all beliefs, it only ends up sanctioning religious division and intolerance. There have been significant advances in the fields of information and communication technology, bio-technology and environmental sciences. There obviously is no cosmic law preventing wrong paths to exist or stopping people from following them. It is like sanctioning all national boundaries as good and final, which would only make countries become more entrenched within their own separative identities. Its One God is not a universal principle but a singularity, not a force of unification but one of separation. There should be political tolerance of all religious views as long as these do not involve violent or antinational activities. Religions espousing an exclusive or final revelation like Christianity and Islam have almost uniformly opposed it. President A. Otherwise Dharma, which means natural law, loses its significance. From the notion of Sarva Dharma Samabhava the question must arise: Is everything that is taught in different religions throughout the world a Dharmic principle? Does Sarva Dharma Samabhava require equating all these as well? Sarva Dharma Samabhava and Religious Conversion Hindus have used the principle that all religions are the same to approach other religions on the level of intellectual debate. Recognizing one truth and a diversity of paths requires that we examine each path critically, not that we blindly make all paths equal and true.

This requires that we do not accept the boundaries of religion but open the field of religion, all religious, to deep examination.

In fact some mystics have been missionaries or taken militant roles in crusades and jihads because their personal experiences made them more zealous in their beliefs. An eternal heaven and hell are also not Dharmic principles. Hindus must recognize this fact as well.

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It would be like saying that all so-called medicines are equally good for everyone and prescribing the same medicine for all.

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Sarva Dharma Sambhav