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Caluluan High school canteen prepares food that sustains the nutrients that the student needs in order to perform well in School. Local Gadais conducted a study on the comparative level of satisfaction in relation to customer service between Jollibee and McDonalds.

Related study about canteen services

The food prices are affordable. As cited by Herrera in her study, a specific school lunchroom must be provided in every canteen for a more convenient stay for those who will eat meals. It is said the canteen reflects the educational goals of the school, so it means the more the canteen is well manage then the more its goals and values are being uphold. Moreover, the research attempted to provide the most appropriate and effective ways in hiring managers who will oversee all matter pertaining to school canteen supervision. Evaluation results revealed conserving context, input processes, and product indicated in the performance in all aspects. Based on the findings of this study, the following conclusions were drawn: 1. Manufactured items like fruit juices provide proportion of canteen sales, the canteen should change the recommended price for these items. Medrano Paul Mark M. It includes a brief Description about the topic, objectives of the study, scope of the study, importance of the study, research methodology,chapteisation, limitations of the study, etc. She also said that ambiance and atmosphere is a very important attribute that a canteen must have. Quality and Quantity of Food Served The school canteen should be established to benefit children by making it possible for children to buy nutritious and healthy food at competitive prices, through providing a variety of food and dishes and charging prices which allow moderate profits. The behavior of 4 11 8 6 1 30 3.

Comparison of student satisfaction with foodservice of middle school by place for meal service in Busan area.

Also, the canteen board, detailing its regulation, showed the steps of canteen services.

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And lastly, it presents an opportunity of correlating teaching experience which is centered of foods. Having a large array of goods can easily attract customers. This includes the food that satisfies the students, the service attributes, the variety of products, and the canteen facility. Cartagena, According to Arlen Maniquiz , she said that the effectiveness of the cafeteria management does not only reflect the quality of its food but also it is reflected by the quality of its service. With this information, there is a need to look into such practices for its effective and efficient functioning, as well as the services being offered in distributing the foods to learners as customers. It is imperative that the principals, ensure the practice of serving the right kind of food for the students. They are the ones who serve the students their meal. All of these are also part of the topic of the research being conducted although the nature of management is different, including the respondents and the location of the study. The State Government of Victoria said that school canteens and other school food services are important educational resources. How can you describe the canteen staff? The school canteen should encourage the students to buy nutritious and healthy foods at affordable prices. These can be done by finding out what is already happening, building awareness, forming a work party and finding out what people think. When it comes to emotional basis in satisfaction, it is confirmed by the consumer response. The aim of this study wa to make a system analysis of the canteen management of the said school.

The behavior of 4 11 8 6 1 30 3. The canteen personnel should focus in serving the students fast and with a smile to make them satisfied with their serving approach. Related Literature Most people are concerned with food taken daily without regard for practices or habits which may influence good health.

Satisfaction as defined, it concedes many emotional response. However, surprisingly very few attempts have been made by the researchers to study the extent of canteen facility to the employees of any unit.

After analyzing the data, the researchers tallied and tabulated the gathered data and proceeded to interpret it. Children will look for something to fill them up at the cheapest price.

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The main function of this committee is to supervise quality, quantity and cost of food and beverages supplied by the canteen to the employees. The factor that most students are dissatisfied with is the price. All canteen facilities and equipment were moderately adequate; 2.

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