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We also meet Lisa Freemont who is Jeffires' wife. As noted earlier, in both movies, the hero is confined to his house. Reading example essays works the same way! The reason Kale the main character is stuck at home is because he was placed on house arrest for punching his teacher in the face. Back when that movie was made there was not as much special affects as it is now. Until the end… Against all that, you have a film that college professors teaching the elements of the cinematic art still go over with their classes, shot by amazing shot. The rising action eventually comes when a neighborhood dog had been killed. He becomes suspicious of Thorwald and starts to notice he's very strange. Share via Email Double vision The police come in time to arrest Thorwald but unfortunately they can't catch Jeffries from his fall.

While Thorwald is out of the house Jeff asks Lisa to sneak over to Thorwalds to investigate the "murder" he committed. The sort of target audience that this film was aimed at was most likely between the ages of 12 and 21, fitting a more modern demographic of young movie goers. The falling action of the film comes as we see the characters of the film a few days after Thorwalds arrest.

Even though both main actors were confined to their homes, the circumstances that led to their confinement were very different.

The nurse in Rear Window somewhat "polices" Stewart's character as she constantly nags at him.

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As they fight each other Thorwald admits to the crime. I found the differences interesting. Make Meg Ryan a drunk who messes up her family and nobody cares.

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There is no sex, and little bad language to offend, and the violence, as in the original, resides mainly in your own imagination. I don't believe Mr. Whereas, in Disturbia, Kale Brecht was put under house arrest for three months as he had punched his Spanish teacher in high school. He has been confined to a wheel chair and stuck in his apartment for six weeks with nothing to do. His handicap not only keeps him in place but allows the audience to relate through his limited mobility. Personally to me, despite some similarities, both movies have their individual distinctiveness. It is widely considered one of his best films. The example essays in Kibin's library were written by real students for real classes. You know how looking at a math problem similar to the one you're stuck on can help you get unstuck? It was screened at Venice Film Festival.

A helpless Jeffries now comes face to face with the man he's been spying on the last few months. As for Disturbia, we are brought through a series of flashback that involves fishing, car accident, a fight in school and finally, the courtroom scene that leaves the protagonist in the state of house arrest.

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