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As the church becomes more worldly, so is the world becoming more churchy. Bobby replies in frustration that it's not the Bible; but rather, her opinion. To be saved, you must renounce every sin, admitting before God that you are a guilty sinner deserving of Hell Romans Desperate for his mother's approval, he does what is asked of him, but through it all, the Church's disapproval of homosexuality and his mother's attempts to suppress his growing behaviors in public cause him to grow increasingly withdrawn and depressed.

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To no surprise, the film avoids Romans chapter one where God goes into depth exposing the sin of homosexuality for the vile affections that it is, which even nature itself shows is unnatural I tell you, no unrepentant person can enter into Heaven. In sharp contrast, the Bible plainly teaches in Romans that homosexuality is a vile affection, against nature, and wickedness. If a person thinks that they have not sinned by committing homosexuality, then you have not realized your wickedness. Was that the telephone? Homosexuality must be publicly exposed! To all the Bobbys and Janes out there, I say these words to you as I would my own precious children: Please don't give up hope on life, or yourselves. Nonetheless, before leaving the house with David, Mary informs Bobby that she "will not have a gay son. Preachers must not stop preaching against the sin of homosexuality!!! Albeit, homosexuals refuse to acknowledge their guilt of sin, instead claiming that God made them gay and it's not a sin. It is sin in God's eyes. For Mary Griffith, it's the beginning of a long and emotional journey that extended beyond acceptance to her viable role a vocal advocate for gay and lesbian youth.

In her speech Mary says that for years she prayed daily and asked God to heal her son of the sin of homosexuality, constantly pressuring him with the Bible to repent and choose to be straight instead.

His self esteem and sense of worth were being destroyed.

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Don't buy into the propaganda, because God is not going to change Malachi Their prayers to God for understanding and acceptance and for your love.

God loves unsaved people as well and sent Christ to doe for all men, but the unsaved have no right to throne of grace Hebrews Bobby's death was a direct result of his parent's ignorance and fear of the word gay.

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I promise I won't tell. You go to Hell because you reject Jesus Christ as your Savior, as your sin payment. It's a gift simply to be received by trusting upon the Lord John ; Today, as of June , it is legal in all 50 states. There is no evidence to support the claim that children are born homosexual. Ephesians commands for believers not to partake of works of darkness, but rather to reprove expose them. No parent should ever disown a child, ever. This story contains excerpts of Bobby's diary throughout the book to illustrate his feelings and point of view.

The scene casts a negative reflection upon Christian churches, implying that control is an unrealistic approach to homosexuality. There's nothing more detesting than a gay-parade, where transvestites wear skin-tight clothing if any clothing at alland men are kissing men and women kissing women in orgies of fleshly lust as the floats pass by.

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It's wrong to bash anyone, including gays.

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