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There are sweets.

a family wedding essay for class 5

All got ready. One such issue, which has been gaining in prominence- and inciting often violent reactions in the process- is the controversial issue of sex education. The women started singing songs.

Two video and cameramen, photographers were busy capturing the scenes with their equipment. The wedding was also an occasion for socializing. Related Articles:.

Hindu wedding are a festival or color and excitement All of my family members came all the way to Kuala Lumpur to see her get engaged.

Essay about wedding day

It was performed in a community center auditorium. It was decorated with flowers. It was with great alacrity that I received the news of the wedding of my cousin. There may not be a bridal shower or traditional engagement party, so the opportunity to give the couple a gift might seem remote The best band of the city created sweet sensations by its tunes of modern films. On reaching there, we found that the preparations for the wedding had started well in advance. Dancing was also arranged.

There was a bodyguard beside him. They played loud and soft music. We bade the newly-wed couple good fortune in the years to come. The bridegroom party arrived in seven cars, they were welcomed.

The wedding day was on Sunday.

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Essay on A Wedding Party I recently Attended