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Key resources can be physical, financial, intellectual, or human. As a startup going into a new category, for example like Uberthen money becomes a critical key resource as you can use your wall of money in a land grab as you attempt to build market share ahead of competitors.

My key activities would then ask how do I get these and make them accessible to recruiters in order to generate revenue. Similarly, Microsoft and Adobe rely on software that have been tweaked and perfected over years of trial and error. You may also need to protect your handbags and could for example build a strong brand that customers relate to you and your business.

Building materials, planning permission, construction equipment and more engineers. However, if China Life Insurance does not have sufficient capital to cover insurance claims, it will not be able to survive in the market.

Financial Key Resources Many businesses need cash for operations or capital projects. Sources and Further Reading Need the references and resources for further study? In most cases human resources are either bodies or knowledge. If I wanted to build a search engine for recruiters then the key resources would be a search engine and a large number of CVs.

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Key resources can be owned or leased by the company, or acquired from key partners. When I ran a food delivery operation we needed lots of motorcycle delivery riders. Microsoft and SAP rely heavily on software and related intellectual property developed over many years. Rachel was very responsive day and night. Intellectual Brand value, proprietary knowledge, patents and copyrights, partnerships, and customer databases are the Intellectual Resources. Then you work on what you need to have in order to deliver the key activities. Initially I used my own kitchen physical resource to prepare the products, so I did not need to spend money on space. Sources and Further Reading Need the references and resources for further study? Thank you all for a job well done!

All are increasingly important components of a strong business model. Intellectual resources, such as your brand, patents, copyrights, partnerships, and customer databases.

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What Resources are Key?