Justified killing

But the thruth is that we don't know.

justifiable homicide statistics

The real question is not whether or not kill is sometimes justified. I would have the same right if my home was invaded by people who wished my family harm.

excusable homicide and justifiable homicide

Sorry if you don't agree but life is too short to endure people like that. Although the above text is from California law, most jurisdictions have similar laws to prevent escapees from custody.

Justified killing

Get ready for the consequences. The partition of India resulted in over a million Indians killing each other. Because killing is wrong. The ability to kill may yet destroy them. Maybe they have had the good fortune of never experiencing anything that has forced them to question their belief. Much like the fight against Hitler and fascism, the only way to win is to match the force and violence we face. We can come up with as many academic arguments as we like, but none of them are going to help in a real-life situation because that is when natural instinct kicks in—when we have to make immediate judgments on right and wrong, and immediate decisions on how to act. I wish you had too. And even if you are willing, are you ready to face the consenquences? A homicide performed out of vengeance, or retribution for action in the past, or in pursuit of a "fleeing felon" except under specific circumstances would not be considered justifiable. According to US research, the average year-old teenage boy has been subjected to approximately 22, killings of their fellow human beings on film, television and computer games. This principle is embedded in public international law and has been respected by most states around the world. I was in the exact same position as you.

But it is really a failure to find the alternative. That is why we need governance to control our proclivity to kill each other.

Morally justified killing

As a year-old soldier I killed someone for the first time, it was me or him, and it was a natural instinct to protect my own life. And I doubt we are hard-wired for democracy. Sometimes you need to struggle against your nature. That is more disturbing. Would their peaceful threats to withdraw their labour from the sugar cane fields unless their French owners gave in to their demands have been successful? We don't know if Hell and Heaven are real and I am not gonna just stay there because the guy might get punished in some supposed afterlife. Protecting the national interest against external aggressors is considered an excuse on utilitarian grounds, i. In many states, given a case of self-defense, the defendant is expected to obey a duty to retreat if it is possible to do so.

Would the Haitian slave rebellion of have been successful if the slaves had decided to join together as a union to demand freedom? Because killing is wrong.

can you go to jail for killing someone in self defense in india

In obedience to any judgment of a competent Court; or, 2.

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Justifiable homicide