Is faith rational or irrational

The odds are not bad.

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David sums up Armstrong's point wonderfully: Religion isn't about adherence to doctrines as literal truth; it's about living ones life a certain way from hour to hour and day to day.

Everybody has Faith! So, is faith inherently irrational? No-one of course can reasonably doubt the important role that the natural sciences have played in helping us to understand our world. At the end of the day it is a straight choice: either we cross or we move on and seek an alternative route.

It's about the constant choice between doing good and doing harm, with a faith that the human world will bend constantly toward the good, if the God in us all chooses collectively to make that happen.

The writer in Hebrews Ch. Not a good thing.

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It's all about the irrationality of religious belief. Kendra Francesco October 23, at pm Have you never heard, "Have faith in yourself"? The Need To Think Critically I would hope we could all agree that believing something that makes no sense and for which there is little or no evidence is indeed irrational.

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The rational believer must have faith in his core being. Aspects of life which cannot be tested empirically such as goodness and beauty and the goals or purposes which arise from pursuing them are beyond their brief and quite rightly left to one side, so the claim of materialists like Dawkins that the natural sciences provide a complete account of everything must be open to question.

Is it ever rational to have faith in god?

Take Obama, for example, a collectivist who started out as a Messianic, political figure and the first black president. If it fails us,it is usually our fault and not that of an individual although that is usually the convenient excuse. Faith is not "the absence of reason. Those people known as "deists" as opposed to atheists are rarely confined intellectually to a rigid pattern of beliefs. Gary October 23, at pm That is the most convoluted argument I've ever heard for having it both ways. But it was meant to suggest that people like Dwayne who claim to have no faith are unintentionally kidding themselves. But risks and uncertainties are a part of everyday living. Belief in Christ used to mean an "engaged commitment to the call and ministry of Jesus. But at the end of the day, he had to make a decision: Should he stay in Haran or should he set out on this journey? Kendra Francesco October 23, at pm Have you never heard, "Have faith in yourself"? It is atheistic thought that is lazy, but more than that, arrogant and presumptuous.
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Faith Isn't Irrational, But Beliefs May Be