Irony essay lottery shirley jackson

The situation is extremely ironic to the story. In actuality when the reader gets to the end of the story, he finds just the opposite to be true.

the lottery by shirley jackson

Without symbolism, the story would amount to a little more than an odd tale about stoning. The story starts everybody gathering soft rocks or stones however you want to call it. The story opens up on a clear June day. And that only because of their selfishness in wanting to survive, preferring someone else to die.

The children arrive first and begin collecting stones until their parents call them to order. The title of the story "The Lottery" is ironic. In the short story, Daru has several choices to make. After finding themoney, the men plan to stay with it until it becomes dark and they cansafely take it away.

Dramatic irony in the lottery

In actuality when the reader gets to the end of the story, he finds just the opposite to be true. It is ironic that he becomes the person who is in charge of the event that will take someone's life. These names are obvious as to what they mean. Jackson uses symbolic names to specify and suggest what will come to be after the lottery is played out. At the end of the story when Mrs. Jackson was born into a middle class family and her parents are Leslie Jackson, who was a stay at home housewife, and Geraldine Jackson, who was an employee of a lithographing company. The most important conflict in the story is between the subject matter and the way the story is told. They give no care whatsoever: they are safe, thus they are happy, and so they laugh.

This allows for incite to what can happen in the future or what has happened in the past. The setting of the story is ironic in that it is misleading. We cease to grow.

the lottery shirley jackson theme

Initially, the setting creates an image of a typical small town on a normal summer day. These are all equally important to the irony and without them the story would not have been as interesting as it was.

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Irony In “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson Essay Example