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Students less prepared for university education 6 Declining financial support for students that lead to more students working to stay in universities. Compared to the external audit, the process of performing an internal audit provides more opportunity for participants to understand how their jobs, departments, and divisions fit into the whole organization.

Critical success factors, consisting of both strengths and weaknesses, can be identified and prioritized in the manner discussed later chapters.

Divide factors into two groups: opportunities and threats. Some firms place too great an emphasis on one function at the expense of others. The process of assigning ratings in IFE matrix can be done easier using benchmarking tool.

Ratings are company based.

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If there were no weights assigned, all the factors would be equally important, which is an impossible scenario in the real world. But, having to assign weights and ratings to individual factors brings a bit of empirical nature into the model. Now we can get to the IFE matrix math. The IFE matrix can be created using the following five steps: Key internal factors Visit our discussion forum to see more. Divide factors into two groups: opportunities and threats. The strengths and weaknesses are organized in IFE matrix in different portions mean all strengths are listed first under internal factors and then comes the internal weakness. The development of conclusions on the 10 to 20 most important organizational strengths and weaknesses can be, as any experienced manager knows, a difficult task, when it involves managers representing various organizational interests and points of view. Regardless of how many factors are included in an IFE Matrix, the total weighted score can range from a low of 1. Multiply weights by ratings: Multiply each factor weight with its rating. Declining resources from the state and increasing dependence on tuition revenue. Performing an internal audit, thus, is an excellent vehicle or forum for improving the process of communication in the organization.

IFE matrix.

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IFE Matrix (Internal Factor Evaluation)