Informative speech on marijuana

Why should marijuanas be legalized

Dopamine is a chemical that makes us feel good. Helps with vomiting and nausea due to chemotherapy. S because fewer young people believe marijuana is risky. Inside all of our brains are receptors that make it possible to successfully receive and process marijuana. Possession charges fill prisons. These individuals feel that Marijuana is not a harmful substance and can serve to profit states that legalize it. THC and cannabinoid properties are discussed in further detail in the body of my speech Credibility Establish and briefly explain how you are credible to give information on this topic : I was raised by doctors. Statistically, for every Americans who have tried marijuana, there is only one regular user of cocaine, and less than one user of heroin. All strains of marijuana come from two basic types. So take me seriously! Nearly half of these new injuries will occur in young people between the ages of 16 and Finally my sources argue that keeping marijuana illegal it is costing more than necessary. Physical effects would be breathing problems, increased heart rate, and when used during pregnancy it could cause problems with child development during and after pregnancy. The high effect is short term causing altered senses, changes in mood, impaired body movement and memory, difficulty with thinking and problem solving and also altered sense of time. The four states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use June has a bit of restriction too, in Alaska adults 21 and older can now and transport, buy or possess up to an ounce of marijuana and six plants.

Poor coordination. The plant contains a mind-boggling chemical called delta-9tetrahydrocannabinol THC. Because they are illegal, marijuana and other drugs are only available on the black market, and anyone who enters the drug market is likely to be exposed to more than one drug.

Informative speech on marijuana

Thesis: Despite being a controversial topic and not being legalized in many states, marijuana is used for recreational purposes and medical purposes with short term and long term effects overall. It causes a more euphoric sensation. My 3rd source of information is from an article I found on rxmarijuana. Only time will tell! We should focus on making marijuana the most popular recreational drug, having great precautions and regulations. Check us out! Ive informed you on what marijuana is, how it is used, the effects on the brain and the legalization laws in the U.

Cannabis sativa is used for daytime treatment. After a very time-consuming research process, deltatetrahydrocannabinoil THC was isolated from the Cannabis plant much like Morphine was isolated from The Poppy. Some people even use vaporizers to avoid inhaling smoke.

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The locations of these receptors are interesting because they are located in the parts of the brain that are responsible for creating feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and hunger, the same feelings that THC produces.

MLO In their opinion, as with anything taken in excess, marijuana is only harmful to those who choose to use it.

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