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hunger games chapter 6 summary

Summary Analysis Katniss remembers a time when she fell asleep while waiting in a tree for game to wander by. One evening Katniss is in the Hob to trade some baby clothes for food.

He had a welt on his cheek where his mother had hit him. She insists that Katniss wear the circular gold pin she noticed earlier — up close, Katniss can see it's a bird in flight and the image from the book's front cover. One skill she mastered was identifying which herbs, roots and plants were safe to eat or use.

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She hopes that someone else will do it for her, but she recalls again that the odds are not in her favor, foreshadowing troubles and decisions that are to come. One evening Katniss is in the Hob to trade some baby clothes for food. It is the day of the reaping. She is particularly stern with her mother, demanding that the latter not fall back into the self-pity that had paralyzed her after her husband's death. The conflict of passion vs. That's when she sees Peeta watching her. It was years ago when Katniss was 11 and her father had recently died. This chapter also sets up a recurring theme of Katniss questioning Peeta's motivations. She knows him primarily through trade, and seems unsure why he's there. The first is Gale's visit to her in the Justice Center. Effie wakes and then chaperones her to an overflowing breakfast.

She and Peeta are brought to watch the recap of the reapings throughout the districts, and they get their first glance at those who will be their opponents.

Next is another unexpected guest, Madge.

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On an cold, rainy afternoon, Katniss did anything she could to get money or food. Katniss is shocked, though doesn't exactly explain why.

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The Hunger Games Chapter 2 Summary