How to write a personal swot analysis essay

personal swot analysis college student

What are your negative work habits? What values, ethics, and principles do you have that others do not possess? Do you have a short temper? The information that follows will be presented in a SWOT analysis format that describes me and more in depth with my current career objective.

What may represent strengths with respect to one objective may be weaknesses for another objective. The internal factors may be viewed as strengths or weaknesses depending upon their impact on the organization's objectives.

Do you have workmates whom you consider as your biggest threats? List down the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats you observed.

You could be assessing yourself to see if you will be able to meet the requirements of the job you are applying for or the promotion you are seeking. Do you have a disorganized workspace? Nevertheless, try to have a more specific reason by identifying your performance in a particular activity.

This will serve as your basis on making a critical decision in improving your performance in a certain field or activity. What do people see as your weakness?

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Personal Swot Analysis Essay