How to write a design brief for a website

If you do include the budget available, agencies may be tempted to quote for unnecessary work or at a higher rate than normal. Step 4. The list is quite long. Banner advertising on related websites.

Is there other advertising taking place that the new website should tie in with?

product design brief

Content marketing — i. What are your products and services? Timescale Explain any particular circumstances driving the timeline. Other systems you use Try to cover all systems that might be relevant including email marketing e.

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Website brief checklist

Share your vision of the homepage Step 7. Explain whether you expect these to interface with your website and if so, to what extent. Banner advertising on related websites. The best website brief examples describe succinctly your specific needs and resources and clarify the key questions you want suppliers to answer in their responses. Are there any specific commercial results? An agency will know that with a higher budget, they can spend more time on UX design, or a thorough digital marketing campaign. Now detail how you will promote it. By trying to accomplish the stated goals. Who will make strategic decisions about the direction, resourcing, growth and funding of the site? You will want to compare bids returned from agencies, so provide clear instructions on the response format and include: how the agency plans to carry out the project, in particular how it will meet the design and technical requirements the timing of all stages of the project a breakdown of the costs a list of similar website projects they have carried out including URLs contact details for two reference companies. There are a number digital marketing activities that you should consider: Social media campaigns.

Background Write a short paragraph with background about your organisation. For e-commerce websites, you should detail who you bank with — this will be important for deciding on which payment gateway you should use.

You can divide the answer into 3 parts: a.

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How to Write a Website Design Brief in ?