How educational system functions has crucial effect on the future of a nation

This is accompanied by the assumption that those formulating the policy know what is best—a semi-segregated education for several of these categories, even as there are occasional concessions envisaged for local, indigenous knowledge and practices. Transformation of the system: dramatic conversion e.

importance of education in development

The possibility of an open book examination is recognised pbut not pursued further. Even formal schooling varies in profound ways from community to community, and from preschoolers to adults.

importance of education

But it is important to pay attention to the changing dimensions of information as well as the sheer volume of it. Evolutionary and revolutionary innovations seem to have the same connotation as sustaining and disruptive innovations, respectively. Every cloud has a silver lining, fortunately. Along with types of innovation, the degree of impact can be identified on the following three levels: Adjustment or upgrading of the process: innovation can occur in daily performance and be seen as a way to make our job easier, more effective, more appealing, or less stressful.

relationship between education and development
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Examining the Draft National Education Policy,