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At present Gmail allows users over 15 GB of free space as well additional storage available for a small fee.

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Advertising Products and Services Some popular advertising products and services include: Google Analytics: This product allows owners of websites to keep track of visitors to their sites and how people use them. Additionally, the Lighthouse tool and Accelerated Mobile Pages AMP allow websites to be optimized easily and quickly for the mobile web. These include email, online document creation, software, cloud computing, online advertising technologies, mobile phones and tablets computers among others. Google Calendar: Google calendar is also a service which can be synced across different Google platforms. Google Doc: Google documents is a free office package that offers users the ability to create, edit, share and collaborate on work. The case was settled out of court with Google issuing shares of common stock in return for a license. I've done covers on Google, HP, Wireles Customer Segments: Google has three main customers.

Special Searches: Other searches include options to search for scholarly articles, blogs, news stories, images and videos as well as the ability to analyze past and current trends. This system went beyond the basic process of counting the number of search terms to determining the relevance of a search result page by the number and importance of the pages that linked to this page.

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Adwords: This product helps advertisers display advertisements in the Google content network. Channels: Channels to reach customers include google.

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The advertisements remained text only to ensure that the page remained uncluttered and quick. Google Translate: Google translate is a free translation service.

For companies, this means that in order to continue to be successful, they need to keep pace with digitization and ever-changing user behavior. Google also released a phone called the Nexus One.

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Companies can see which touchpoints they use to reach their customers effectively, whether these take the form of advertising, newsletter articles, or product comparison pages. In addition to the right choice of advertising format, the creative is crucial for winning over users—80 per cent of the return on investment ROI depends on it.

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Google Code: Another initiative is the Google Code. If Chrome enables people to better use all their documents and spreadsheets, play their games and watch movies online, they will search more. In its strategy, the company takes into account its customers' key touchpoints and also uses local advertising formats such as location extensions, which are used on all platforms that inform users about local store branches, or Google Store visits , which measure the impact of Google ads on store visits. This can be done in a few different ways such as cost-per-click or cost-per-view. Do intensive cuts, close-ups, contrasts, or organic branding do the trick? This service also allows users to create forms and surveys. The two own 14 percent of the shares together but have voting power through a supervoting stock. It is used for image recognition and image based searches. The advertisements remained text only to ensure that the page remained uncluttered and quick. Customer Segments: Google has three main customers. There is a special search option as well where a search bar can be placed on a website to search through the contents of that website.

Companies that want to be successful in the era of digitization must also create an appropriate corporate culture that is capable of bringing about rapid and sustainable change. Last but not least, Google properties help to measure and scale up the growth of international business.

The OS only supported a web browser to be used for logging people into their online Google accounts. Other extended segments can include mobile device users and makers as well as developers.

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