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This occurs because of the high labor intensity and low start-up costs of the industry. Here are more of the reasons why a detailed and complete lawn care business plan is deemed important for your business operations and planning processes: 1.

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Financial Analysis The financial analysis section looks at your forecasts for your business and should include: a monthly profit and loss forecast for the first two years, a profit forecast a further three years, a cash flow forecast for two years, information about how you worked out your forecasts, an analysis of your strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities, and details of the main risks that could affect your predicted figures.

In the second year, Red will expand service beyond the small rural town to the urban area located 15 miles east. Do ensure that the space you get has offices where some paper works can be done.

The margins are therefore larger for the full-scale companies because they can charge more for the higher-skilled work.

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Developing a lawn care business plan touches not only your business management and operational decisions. These are tools that you would need to handle the jobs of others. Tree surgery for large trees requiring containment and general pruning of smaller hedges. Within the residential market, there are two competitors: full-scale landscaping companies and basic lawn care services. Get the Skill You may have a background knowledge of gardening, but do not know how to really embark on the mission of starting yours. With everyone going green these days, one can expect that the garden business would already be saturated. Research means that you need to study hard about the gardening business.

Purchase equipment Now that things seem to be looking up, then you can think to purchase the needed tools for the gardening business.

The commercial market is dominated by larger, established companies.

lawn care business plan sample pdf

Jim and Dan will manage all aspects of operations at Rose Petal Nursery.

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10+ Lawn Care Business Plan Template Examples