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If omitted, one number is output per line. Now it is time look at its capabilities more thoroughly. We can improve on this still further by making use the parameter data type: program av3!

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I will give examples in a later section , showing how to process "line" after this READ to obtain any needed input information, including integers and real numbers. The next program creates a 2 dimensional array with 2 rows and 3 columns. Wouldn't it be nice if we could actually output the matrix elements in rows and columns? The code is easily maintainable — all we have to do to find an average of a list of numbers of any size is just to change the size of the parameter imax. As with "i", it is followed by an integer reserving a number of columns for the number. You will also need to modify your DO loop to take into account the larger size of your matrix, with b ranging between 0 and 30 instead of 0 and 2. For example "a10", reserves 10 columns for output of the characters. Therefore I need to create a matrix. To completely determine the line space required for a real number, you will have to determine the decimal precision that you want on your output. The newer versions of Fortran are able to spit out entire arrays with just a single write statement, but I prefer the control of using loops to print out one element at a time. Exercise 5. For real numbers this will determine whether it is appropriate to output in simple decimal format or exponential format scientific notation. Once this skeleton is in place, quoted labels, spaces, and other descriptors that don't refer directly to the variables in the WRITE can be added to provide clarity to the output line.

For example if the computer contains the number Think about what you need to compare with real world results. Maybe some of you can help me. If the last left parenthesis is preceded by a repeat count, Fortran looks to see if this repeated segment is nested within another pair of parentheses other than those required by the FORMAT statement.

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In fact, unless you are checking numerical results, you generally want substantially less. I would also change your last write statement by putting it inside a do loop, printing one row of your matrix at a time, or even a nested pair of do loops to print each element of the matrix.

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An array is a list that we can access through a subscript. Courier on a word processor. It is followed by an integer indicating the number of columns to be reserved in the line for the character string. Imagine if we had to deal with thousands of numbers! And thats where I have the problems. The sequence "2p,e As with "i", it is followed by an integer reserving a number of columns for the number.
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Using the Format Statement