Factors affecting shifting course to another course

Choosing a course should not be taken for granted and this study aims to know what would be the stations of the Senior High School students in Bukidnon State University in choosing a course based on the results of the survey gave to them.

Factors affecting shifting course to another course

The study used an adapted questionnaire from the study of Joel P. When you choose a career path, you site yourself to look far into the future at your ultimate objectives.

good reason for shifting course

In fact, the incidence of indecision in occupational choice among college students has become a burden to some faculty members in college level, since shifting is a product of irrational decision which is notably interferes with the educational growth of the students.

I appreciate this opportunity and would like to express my strong motivation for this master course The modern complex technological world needs new perspective to current field of subject, the way we view the subject inherently changes the way see the problems.

Topic and Road Map 3. Since transferring to UC Berkeley in the Fall of , many of the courses I have taken have focused on research and its importance to the field of sociology. Hence, the grades will then become little and ended up thinking of shifting from another course. Students who show determination, perseverance and has high standards in their school have higher chance of achieving success. The students have the potential to pursue their career because the skill they have is 42 Our Lady of Peace School Antipolo City, Philippines appropriate for their course. Because there are jobs secured for e. Conclusion The researchers conclude that: 1. Students can demonstrate mastery in these areas by taking the courses at an honors or Advanced Placement. Many of them have the idea that they would be able to work in the public or private establishments as soon as they complete secondary school education. This study sought to select the factors influencing the students in choosing course of Bukidnon, National High School.

With this it can be attributed that most of the participants belong to high-income earners. Educational experience refers to the problem on the academic knowledge of the defendants, and the general average of the grades.

A path can make great impact for your future which plays a great role on what you will become, that is why, as a graduating high school student, it is important to consider various options that will affect your choices on what course to take in college. Significance of the study This study will evaluate the decision making process in the choices of courses among shifters at the College of Education.

They may be uncertain about their future educational plans. However, these effects are significantly bigger for students at lower income levels those with lower ability. A collaborative effort of the school administrations, guidance counselor and parents should also be made to come up with a better career plan for every individual student. Teenagers some feel are too young to decide their own career matters. Objectives of the Study 1. Since transferring to UC Berkeley in the Fall of , many of the courses I have taken have focused on research and its importance to the field of sociology. Journal of Marketing for Higher Education, 12 1 , Grades can serve as a basis when choosing between shifting and staying. This study aims to help the students be aware that there are lots of factors that should considered before deciding what course to take. Words: - Pages: 2 Shifting Course A major turning point in an adolescents' lives involves the career choice that they make while in high school. The choice of career has been a serious problem among the secondary school students in Nigeria. Colleges also aim to have these kinds of student to further their knowledge in volunteerism as well as developing their determination to achieve.
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Factors That Influence Students to Shift Course