Ethics final copy

Ethics final copy

Tip 8: Read your work aloud to yourself. Even the simplest computer systems have the potential to impact all aspects of society when integrated with everyday activities such as commerce, travel, government, healthcare, and education. Twenty minutes slip away. Computing professionals should protect confidentiality except in cases where it is evidence of the violation of law, of organizational regulations, or of the Code.

This includes evaluating the work's feasibility and advisability, and making a judgment about whether the work assignment is within the professional's areas of competence.

A system for which future risks cannot be reliably predicted requires frequent reassessment of risk as the system evolves in use, or it should not be deployed.

Designing or implementing processes that deliberately or negligently violate, or tend to enable the violation of, the Code's principles is ethically unacceptable. A computing professional should Leaders should pursue clearly defined organizational policies that are consistent with the Code and effectively communicate them to relevant stakeholders.

This list is not exhaustive. Continual monitoring of how society is using a system will allow the organization or group to remain consistent with their ethical obligations outlined in the Code.

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Our Blog Search for: You have been given the task of writing an effective code of conduct for your organization. Avoid presenting material in lengthy stretches of italics.

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Ten Style Tips for Writing an Effective Code of Conduct