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Talk it out. Surprisingly, I put it off for 27 days and now I only had 3 days to finish it. Your dorm room may not be the place where you are most productive. According to Joseph Ferrari, a Professor of psychology at DePaul University, states that twenty percent of people realize they are chronic procrastinators which is a lifestyle to them Furthermore, procrastinators have issues with insomnia. An un-schedule is a weekly calendar of all the ways in which your time is already accounted for. It is also a sign of laziness which are no good for me.

Procrastination is not only a lost of productivity but it also leads to regrets and damaged self-esteem Association for Psychological Science, He teaches you a lesson about time management, responsibility, and owning up to your actions. The following are some of the main reasons people procrastinate.

Once you have determined that procrastination is hurting your writing, begin taking notice of how long it actually takes you to write.

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The great thing about starting early on a writing project is that it leaves us plenty of time for revision, editing, and proofreading; so, we can set ourselves free to just let our writing flow, without worrying about sentence-level concerns such as grammar, punctuation, and style. While you are thinking about where to write, consider also when you will write.

A bright young boy scurries around the backyard collecting bugs for his big science project due the next morning. If you stop punishing yourself when you procrastinate and start rewarding yourself for your small successes, you will eventually develop new writing habits.

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He seems to believe we need it and openly invite the drama. It is a phenomenon that has been extensively researched upon especially in academic settings. Procrastinating guarantees failure, but it helps perfectionists maintain their belief that they could have excelled if they had tried harder.

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Procrastination happens when a task is put off until a later time because the task is not desirable.

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