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You may also give this a description, which is useful if you are uploading multiple files e. Because your work, and the fact that it is your work, will be easy to find, it will be much harder for anyone to appropriate your research without giving you credit.

Today, Medicaid remains a subject of intense state and federal budgetary Nevid, Daniella This thesis seeks to elucidate the relationship between experiences of discrimination and mental health state among the Muslim population at Duke.

How do I submit my thesis or dissertation? Carnovale, Maria This thesis tackles development policy issues that arise when institutions have unequal power.

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A description will appear in the library catalog, with a link to the text in DukeSpace. Zhang, Muyi This thesis explores how DACA and the model minority stereotype affect self and public perceptions of undocumented Asian American immigrants. Many special types of Riemannian manifolds can be characterized by conditions on the Riemann curvature tensor and tensor Enter the descriptive information on the next screen, including your name if there are multiple authors you may add more than one , the title of your paper, and your department. If you select an embargo, your thesis or dissertation will not be available through DukeSpace or ProQuest until the end of the embargo period. Many scholars today do their initial searching on a topic online. None of the holograms described rely on traditional holographic What are the benefits of open access for my thesis or dissertation?

Novel features appear to be qualitatively unique to a specific type of organism, but historical continuity requires that some common form must have pre-existed them.

Srivastava, Radhika Maternal speech holds a pivotal role in infant language development. Kondash, Andrew John The water energy nexus represents the intersection of water use, energy production, electricity generation, and waste generation and disposal.

Duke thesis library

If you are unsure whether your research falls into this area, contact Export Controls at the Office of Research Support If your thesis or dissertation contains data or material that was generated pursuant to a grant or contract and the thesis or dissertation is subject to review by the sponsor or grantor prior to publication, you should select at least a six-month embargo.

Sincehonors theses are submitted electronically and are not collected in print.

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Embargo Lengths Duke offers three embargo options: six months, one year, and two years. While conventionally viewed as distinct fates that are fixed post-thymic development, accumulating evidence indicates that these two populations can exhibit Nyeki, Gabor This dissertation explores questions in political economy and in developmenteconomics. How do I submit my thesis or dissertation? Because college An ETD is an openly-accessible electronic version of your thesis or dissertation that will be kept by Duke University Libraries instead of a bound paper copy. Since the quality of any decision relies Caira, Nicholas William This dissertation is focused on the application of various holographic techniques to manipulate light across frequencies from low gigahertz to the terahertz.

Since electronic distribution of your dissertation through either ProQuest or DukeSpace is publication for this purpose, an embargo will delay the beginning of this one-year time clock against a potential patent application.

An ETD is an openly-accessible electronic version of your thesis or dissertation that will be kept by Duke University Libraries instead of a bound paper copy.

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All the information presented here comes from these two sources and represents the official policies of Duke University.

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Overview of Electronic Theses and Dissertations