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Customer satisfaction towards pizza hut pdf

Personally contacting the employees was difficult, it involved time. Environment is attractive 5 4 3 2 1 Therefore from 4. The keep things at the place and make their ingredients ready so that minimum time is taken to serve the customer. And within this relatively short period, it has gained a great deal of importance and stature. Pizza Hut — The Introduction 2. The marketing strategies adopted by the pizza hut as been highly competitive and has enable the company to keep a firm grip on the battle ground and fight competition and retain its market share and profits thereafter. Fastest construction of a Pizza Hut restaurant takes place in Wichita, KS 39 days from start to finish. The national average is 85 days.

Two sub segments of the fast food market are the Pizzas and Burgers. Which one has a better variety, offers a better range of products both veg and non veg?

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All other inputs are according to the quality standards provided by them. Another is the "Edge" Pizza.

Customer satisfaction towards pizza hut

There are many outlets opened in India also and it is specializing in the home delivery they have less of sitting arrangement and more of home delivery. The Indian consumers have been eating at roadside eateries, dhabas and stalls which still occupy a major share of the unorganized sector, where fast food has been eaten traditionally. So, they have no time for their home and cooking food. Over a period of time, with a growth in the number of nuclear families, economic growth and increasing per capita income as well as globalization, fast food culture gained prominence. They efficiently serve burgers, fries, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, sandwiches and drinks to the busy person who doesnt have more than five minutes to spare for his meal. Food packaging is done using plastic, Styrofoam and other synthetic products which are not biodegradable. Just enough crispy crust to get a mouthful of toppings in every bite. Do you consider pizzas as a healthy food product? Apart from this, busy life schedule, standardized food, and less time consuming processes are also fuelling the demand from domestic consumers in the industry.

In future, focus will be on other facets of the brand and offerings. In normal case they provide the pizza making time of 10 — 14 minutes.

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The direct channel is successful when there is an extremely large market that is geographically dispersed. The Jobs Plus program is recognized as the largest corporate initiative of its kind in the food service industry. It could open more outlets in shopping malls, airports, railway stations etc. So apart from the ambiance, the uniforms are also important part of their service environment. Has six kinds of meat: pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, bacon, beef and pork toppings. At this time the waiting time for the food to come is quite big. Paneer pizzas and aloo tikki burgers were indeed able to satisfy Indian taste buds. Pizzas arent considered healthy by majority people. Pan Pizza has a thicker crust than most other commercially available pizzas. Welcome to Pizza Hut. By when Pizza hut was acquired by Pepsi co its US restaurant system had grown to nearly units today Pizza hut is the largest restaurant chain in the world. This method is useful because it allows customers to view the entire menu, download any special coupons, and order without having to disclose any credit card numbers.

Pizza hut should also concentrate on areas like appetizers. Pizza hut was the first to start online pizza delivery in San Francisco, which still hasnt been started by any of its competitors.

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Thus, India offers enormous opportunities for both domestic as well as international players.

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Customer Satisfaction Towards Pizza Hut