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Longcamp, M. Victoria State Government. Treatment of handwriting problems in beginning writers. From the analysis of the pre-test, specific, individualised learning is targeted for students including letters each student is having difficulty with.

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New York: Guilford Press. The influence of writing practice on letter recognition in preschool children: A comparison between handwriting and typing. English teacher Christopher Bantick, a self-confessed Ludditewants computers and typing to be subjected to tests that will show that they improve learning — yet not the same for the pencil.

Linking handwriting to other curriculum areas so that it is meaningful rather than just skill and drill.

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Students who have difficulty with handwriting spend most of their energy directed towards the motor process rather than thinking creatively or developing their ideas. Victorian Curriculum Foundation English. Handwriting, keyboarding or both?

A lack of practice. Students practise each letter until they became proficient through a variety of methods e.

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Language and Education, 28 1 , Schlagal, B. The Pen is Mightier than the Keyboard, a US study by academics from Princeton and UCLA, found that students who took handwritten lecture notes got less down than students typing notes into computers, but had better recall of the lecture and did better in subsequent tests. Is handwriting casually related to learning to write? And they are backed up by the NSW primary school curriculum. Forming letters by hand contributes to a stronger knowledge of words and assists with spelling. All were hand-written. Daffern, T.

School psychologists, occupational therapists and educational specialists are best placed to advise teachers of the individual adjustments required for student learning Cahill,

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