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It should be appreciated, however, that while these issues need sustained and long-term efforts, the forthcoming budget could be used as critical step for setting the direction.

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FBR should move away from predatory taxation and serious efforts are required to restore trust of people. However, as the complexity of our materials and procedures increases, so too do the chances of omitting a crucial detail or of introducing ambiguity in our descriptions see McNutt [ 20 ].

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The reality is that balancing conciseness, clarity, and completeness, especially in methods sections, is no easy task in highly complex experiments, even for experienced authors.

Indecisiveness and status quo are causing more harm and creating uncertainties. The government is planning mega infrastructure projects such as dams, ports, highways, railways and tourism. The arrangement will be closely monitored and periodic disbursement of funds will be subject to meeting set criteria and benchmarks.

For example, some authors have been known to engage in mosaic plagiarism, or patch-writing, which occurs when they construct a paragraph by stitching together smaller portions of verbatim text from several sources and present the resulting writing as their own.

Andreescu L.

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Proper attribution serves two primary purposes: to credit those who did the work and to allow readers to verify any claims made about such work. However, paraphrasing material from a technically complex methods section may be a different matter, even for seasoned authors, if they are not intimately acquainted with the relevant area of research being described. Julliard K. Still, some consider the notion of self-plagiarism as a non-problem 1 , 6 , 9 , but others 4 , 5 , including myself 26 , 27 , disagree, arguing that recycling substantial amounts of text does not represent a best-practices approach to responsible writing and falls short of scholarly excellence, the types of qualities that we want to model for aspiring scientists. It does not matter whether the source from which the material has been plagiarized is published or not. It is feared that cost will largely fall on common man. Defining the roles of authors and contributors. More importantly, cherry-picked i.

Moreover, readers also assume that the work is new and, if it is not, they are informed about any partial or full prior disseminations of that work. However, more attention is required on smaller segments like, health, education and housing etc.

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Critical Thinking Issues, Analysis and Contentions