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Japanese plants had a median turnover of 3. A multifactor view of productivity is important, therefore, but it is difficult for one index to encompass all inputs. The proportion of the work force engaged in repair activities, including workers assigned to separate rework lines and to rework activities in the warehouse, is likely to correlate well with the incidence of serious defects, for more serious problems usually require more time to correct and necessitate a larger repair staff. How good is your company at taking a pile of raw materials, a bunch of machines, stacks of paperwork, and groups of employees, and turning out useful goods or services? The designer must look at alternative methods of attachment. Indeed, over time, as the size and expertise of the engineering group increased, the ratio of total output to materials input showed dramatic increases. An additional time-based charge that captures how long it takes to complete an order can focus attention even more directly on possible gains in turnaround time.

Eventually, the plant cut prototype production time from 20 weeks to three days. These issues have put 3GS technology at a severe disadvantage when competing against widely used NGS technology.

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These high error rates make the assembly of 3GS sequences seem disproportionally complex and expensive compared to the assembly of NGS sequences. Employees whose previous experience was with another product would suddenly find themselves assembling room air conditioners. For the line worker in an auto plant, output is basically the number of cars or components produced. Nonetheless, if a business finds itself a lot less productive than a competitor, it probably has a real problem. In the room air conditioning industry, new designs account for nearly a third of all models offered each year, far more than in the United States. Use multiple sequence alignment to clean the compressed reads, and remove reads with structural errors or so-called chimeras Fig. Analyses of what has gone wrong with American industry have returned, time and again, to the poor quality of American-made products and to the management philosophy responsible for that quality. The product must be designed so that it can be handled with automated equipment like gripping or magnetic lifting and placement equipment. What commitment there was stemmed from the inclusion or absence of quality in systems of performance appraisal. There are many guidelines for ease of assembly. Managers should proceed with productivity measures, but with care. Garvin has spent several years studying the quality performance of virtually every competitor, American and Japanese, and every plant in a single but broadly representative manufacturing industry: room air conditioners. Each of these areas of effort—quality programs, policies, and attitudes; information systems; product design; production and work force policies; and vendor management—has helped in some way to reduce defects and lower field failures. Training of the labor force, for example, was extensive, even for employees engaged in simple jobs. Parts should incorporate lead-in features and chamfers.

The string graph and the best overlap graph are specific forms of the Overlap-Layout-Consensus OLC paradigm that are more efficient by simplifying the global overlap graph 1921 For example, if the product is sold as a kit and assembled in the field by the customer, it is different than if it will be assembled on an assembly line or in a work cell.

That is, on labor content, not labor cost. Consequently, in practice, many applications of 3GS technology have been limited to re-sequencing bacteria and other small genomes 6.

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Internal failures include all defects observed either during fabrication or along the assembly line before the product leaves the factory; external failures include all problems incurred in the field after the unit has been installed.

They do indicate, however, the seriousness that management attaches to quality problems.

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Investing in quality manufacturing: Higher quality output, lower the cost of quality