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A methodological limitation of the study is that it is developed from a secondary phase of analysis of a study with broader aims and objectives. By contrast, interviewees from services where relational care was recognised as important, understood the issue of complaint arising from patient distress differently. London; New York: Routledge, pp. In these services, the ideals of professional care work relied on interactions with individual patients that progressively build confidence in professional expertise. I had that this morning. Continue Reading. Patient Opinion, which is partly funded by hospitals and the NHS Choices website, found that 2, of the 11, comments it received between and were negative. Few interviewees in community or acute services felt willing or able to agree with complainants or explore with them care and service deficiencies. At the same time, hospital nurses and doctors, in particular, expected patients to recognise, and adjust their expectations to, the time and service constraints that staff had to deal with. How do you handle a patient who complains about her doctor? This approach provided a strong contextualisation of interview findings and new insights into the dynamics between patient-mediated quality improvement work. Or, when can I go home? Health — Also, when complaints were rationalised as a means of seeking advantage in access to time or services, care professionals positioned themselves as the arbiters of resources for the benefit of the general patient community Allen et al. How do you encourage a patient who complains about taking care of his basic self-care?

These cookies may be used to ensure that all our services and communications are relevant to you. We found that staff who worked in service settings where overall work experiences and patient care experiences were poorer were more likely to describe complaints made by patients as having a negative effect on their work and on their wider attitudes towards patients.

Telos 33— Jeremy Taylor, chief executive of National Voices, a coalition of patient charities, said: "Patient Opinion is part of a growing movement in which people are exerting a stronger voice in health care.

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Some interviewees indicated why events of patients complaining, even when about wider failings in services, might be upsetting for healthcare professionals.

Midwifery-led services with strong ethos of women-centred care supported by informal and long-standing staff support networks and local learning sets Staff noted difficulties of meeting raised family expectations but none discussed complaints as a factors affecting them or their relationships with patients.

Complaining patients

Here, interviewees described how repeated complaints about ward catering and cleaning had inspired them to petition for change by involving complainants in this work.

In such circumstances, a complaint raised by a patient indicated a profound loss of trust.

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Potter and McKinlay, Or, when can I go home?

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