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Little do they know that Bob is one of the only people in Maycomb who does not judge people by their race.

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Along the way, Scout and her brother, Jem, meet a small little boy named Dill. How old are Scout and Jem when the story starts? Theme is an important part of fictional stories. In his knowingly wrongful accusation that Tom Robinson raped his daughter, Ewell represents the dark side of the South: ignorance, poverty, squalor, and hate-filled racial prejudice. Just standing on the Radley porch was enough. Tate, the sheriff, asks Atticus to shoot it for him. Only a year after being published the American classic novel was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in fiction as well as the Brotherhood Award of the National Conference of Christians and Jews. When you are quoting put the page number next to the quote. What about mockingbirds? Knowing that he has spent most of his life in the quiet and the dark, Scout tries to recreate that atmosphere for him at her house. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

Ideally, justice would be blind to race, gender or other differences yet, as shown in To Kill a Mockingbird, it isn't and for the most part, justice is not served. Raymond pretends to be a drunk so that the citizens of Maycomb will have an explanation for his behavior.

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Scout is unwilling to learn and accept the unique ways of her new first grade teacher. Atticus is highly aware that the court is not perfect, but all he asks of the jury is that Tom Robinson may have a fair trial.

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Who is their new friend? One of the reoccurring themes in to kill a mockingbird is courage. Many innocent characters, or mockingbirds, are subject to the injustice of the prejudice folks of Maycomb County and, consequently, are destroyed.

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To Kill a Mockingbird Essay