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The women in his stories rely on their husbands, have affairs with other men and continue to stay with their husbands. The stories, Cat in The Rain, and Hills Like White Elephants, both show a man and a woman in what seems to be a quiet and passive moment.

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Particularly, the editing choices for this sequence is interesting. While traveling though they go from b. The harm to people from acid rain is not direct. This twisted tale is told from the perspective of an anonymous narrator, describing his blameless hand in the murder of his beloved cat and his wife.

This is reflected through our atrocious divorce rate.

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Our gas fireplace warmed my feet, which had been wet and cold from the nearby beach I had been at all morning watching the storm.

The reader may analyze this statement and relate it to times in their own life where they have done wrong for reasons they cannot fathom.

There were big palms and green benches in the public garden. In other words, the reader has to have a symbolic reading of the images.

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