Beneath clouds essay questions

The cross is symbolic of the support and commitment within her relationship to Kitty, but also of the ritualistic nature of the daily visits to the church and the health centre, and perhaps through this there is some security after all.

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I argue that for the young Indigenous protagonists of both films, in order to achieve some sort of resolution in their quests for agency, they must understand and negotiate not only history and memory, but also the multitude of problems that face young Indigenous people in contemporary Australia.

So the businesses should have a bigger storage and tight security system to preserve this valued data. The sky is not drawn with much color, appearing to by a shade of gray, showing the early hours of dawn before the sun has illuminated the sky.

Beneath clouds essay questions

While perpetuating hyper-masculine behaviour in attacking the police officer towards the end of the film and certainly his previous behaviour that led to his incarceration , he also demonstrates that his relationship with Lena has helped him to understand that there are different ways in which he can occupy his position as a young Indigenous Australian. For him, this trauma reveals itself as a spectre that haunts the audience and reverberates through society. He embodies the stereotype of angry black youth, while Lena Danielle Hall —blonde haired and blue eyed—is unwilling reveal her Indigenous heritage. Lena looks around and berates Vaughn for swearing in the Church. The essential motif that the journey, not the arrival matters is reflected by the emotional transformation the characters undergo throughout their journey In this context, violence becomes symbolic of strength, resistance and power. Metzger and Michael D. This can be clearly seen in the three films Beneath Clouds, Finding Nemo and related text where the journey is undertaken in many ways. In this sense comparisons can be drawn to both Rabbit Proof Fence Noyce and Yolngu Boy Johnson , films in which the young protagonists travel through the land predominately on foot, with this being an essential aspect of their experiences as Indigenous characters. Filmography Beneath Clouds Ivan Sen, These clouds are dark gray in color and very thin. The close-up shot that illustrated the blow-out of Marlin and Dory out of the whale at Sydney Harbour illustrates the journey is coming closer to an end. For Lena, the placing of the crucifix on the wall and her respect for the church acts as a symbol of Ireland and her longing to escape her present existence. There are a few clouds in the sky directly over the sun. Ancient and modern: Time, culture and Indigenous philosophy.

This repetition of symbols from the beginning offers a way in which the past can be replayed to produce a viable and positive future. Whenever Lena and Vaughn accept a lift in car, they are viewed through confining, close shots, contrasting with the wide open top-heavy spaces that emphasise the sky as much as the land, which feature in much of the rest of the film.

Whitening race: Essays in social and cultural criticism, ed.

The essential motif that the journey, not the arrival matters is reflected by the emotional transformation the characters undergo throughout their journey The rays of light that shine out from the sun cut through these clouds. In their isolation Delilah is able to take care of Samson, killing a kangaroo and providing food for them both. Delilah literally cannot see Samson as a potential love interest while he is under the influence of petrol fumes. This lack of agency is also played out for Delilah, with the Indigenous art created by Kitty and Delilah symbolic of a lack of agency experienced by many Indigenous people today. By , IDC predicts that The initiation of Nemo escaping the fish tank to search for his dad Marlin conveys a physical journey. Overall, this serves to highlight misunderstandings of other symbols used in the production of representations of youth identity. Human emotion often clouds the judgment.

For Samson and Delilah, while no answer is really suggested, they have hope in each other and the opportunity to find their own way—together. Winn Leith, M J.

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Maidenhead: Open University Press. Australian Cinema after Mabo. ByIDC predicts that

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