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After the tour, Bad Company went inactive once again as Rodgers returned to his solo career. With David Lee Roth as the opening act, the reunited original foursome went out in the spring and summer of for a 32 date reunion tour in the US, which began on 15 May at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, Florida.

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It took a while for the revisionary group to catch on. Chris Grainger was the drummer. But things were about to change. Rich Robinson who is filling in for original guitarist Mick Ralphs due to medical issues is a great guitarist but really is not a "showman" and I think smiled twice all night? The CD debuted at No. By the end of the s, however, the band grew increasingly disenchanted with playing large stadiums. The album was the worst selling Bad Company album of those that had Paul Rodgers as the front man. October Learn how and when to remove this template message After Howe's departure, the remaining foursome hired ex- Distance vocalist Robert Hart to take over lead vocal duties. The problem with Bands that have been around for damn near 40yrs or longer is that sometimes, they can turn into a mockery of themselves or some deranged "lounge Act" version. This double headline tour was scheduled to commence on 25 April but was halted due to Kossoff's death on 19 March Howe left the band in

The new tracks appeared on the compilation album called The 'Original' Bad Co. The shows drew well, but after that, Ralphs announced he was retiring from live performing and Burrell left again as well bringing the reunion to an end.

In Dechert was dropped from the lineup as the group decided not to play up the keyboards in their sound as much. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

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In , Bad Company joined Lynyrd Skynyrd on a joint headlining tour to celebrate the band's 40th anniversary. The album peaked at No. According to Paul Rodgers, they did this gig to "protect the legacy they have built and cement the rights to the trademark Bad Company for touring. The caption read "beware of bad company". Powered by Rodgers ' muscular vocals and Ralphs ' blues-based guitar work, Bad Company was the first group signed to Led Zeppelin 's Swan Song vanity label. A lengthy reunion tour followed that spring, after which Bad Company disbanded again. That being said. They rose to prominence in the mid 70s, but have a career, which spans over 4 decades. October Learn how and when to remove this template message On 4 December the four original members of Bad Company had come together for the first time in thirteen years to attend the funeral of their former manager, Peter Grant. Ralphs returned later on during the tour in April and Whitehorn went on to join Procol Harum in December with whom he still plays to this day. The album was the worst selling Bad Company album of those that had Paul Rodgers as the front man. After this, Rodgers had said that at the moment "there will be no further plans for Bad Company", explaining that he was working on solo material; however, he had not ruled out more activities from the band. This album boosted Bad Company into stardom and seemingly spawned a growth of creativity as they produced 3 more albums at a yearly rate. Better song writing, better hooks, better vibe, better musicianship in general etc etc While no new material was released, the band's first two albums received deluxe reissues in

Howe's vocal style brought more of a pop-rock sound to the band, which Atlantic Records, looking to bring the band back up to arena status, was looking for after declining turnouts to previous live performances and the dismal sales of Rough Diamonds.

Unfortunately, Paul Rodgers was already engaged with a new supergroup called The Firm. The Merchants of Cool tour in once again featured Kirke and Rodgers as the only original members left.

The album, also produced by Thomas, was enormously successful both critically and commercially, attaining Top 40 and platinum status by selling more than one million copies.

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But just before the supporting tour, he left once again Steve Price then returned. Thomas also added small amounts of keyboards as well as rhythm guitars and backing vocals and wrote most of the songs with the band. A year later the band added bassist Rick Willis and rhythm guitarist Dave Coldwell.

There are many bootlegs from nearly every show of the and tours in audio, as well as a few in video form.

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