Ap us history american colonies essay

This group—perhaps 10 million strong, continent-wide, when the first European settlers stepped ashore—would play an ambivalent role in colonization. The new colonists eventually produced more sugar than ever before on the island of Barbados.

How was the colony financed, and what was the significance of that? This eventually led to the decline of the Spanish military and economy during the seventeenth century.

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What role did geography and tobacco play in the development of the Chesapeake? Why were the Puritans concerned with a: Theocracy? The colonists also wanted the Native children held as hostages. Virginia and Maryland.

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The Whigs wanted a Glorious Revolution, which meant a united group of English people had to come together. Carolina had many coastal plains that had good fertile soil. What were the frustrations of freedmen, and to where did they move?

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AP US History Essay: American Revolution