An introduction to marxist theory of history

That said, it is precisely because the superstructure strongly affects the base that the base selects that superstructure.

An introduction to marxist theory of history

Alienation is the estrangement of people from their humanity German: Gattungswesen"species-essence", "species-being"which is a systematic result of capitalism. This change is to be worked for through the long Stage 1 process whereby local economies are developed.

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Accordingly, Marx designated human history as encompassing four stages of development in relations of production: [19] Primitive communism : as in co-operative tribal societies.

A surgeon involved in a delicate operation is also committed to saving the life of his patient. This does not mean there would be no further change or progress in history, but it does seem Marx meant that there will be no further political conflict.

We might, for example, be satisfied with the explanation that the vase broke because it was dropped on the floor, but a great deal of further information is needed to explain why this explanation works.

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An alternative economy might not necessarily eliminate all free enterprise or private capital, but it would involve control and monitoring of private enterprise to ensure that most investment goes where it is most needed.

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Karl Marx (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)