An essay on the red scare and its threat to our freedom

It empowered the President to establish censorship of materials passing between the United States and any foreign country.

red scare propaganda

Jump to: navigationsearch Portrait of Governor Frank J. One example of legislation impinging upon free speech and press was the Espionage Act.

Fatalities included a New York City night watchman, William Boehner, [36] [37] [39] and one of the bombers, Carlo Valdinoci, a Galleanist radical who died in spectacular fashion when the bomb he placed at the home of Attorney General Palmer exploded in his face.

Martial law was imposed in Charleston, South Carolina[50] where men of the U. Generally, those seeking out communists preferred to accuse a mass amount of people, regardless of evidence or lack thereofas opposed to locating proof to issue an appropriate conviction.

The Trading with the Enemy Act was another law designed to suppress expression of any anti-war sentiment. Government officials and citizens alike were afraid of a nuclear war with the Soviets, and the U. Later in life, he would return to America and teach at multiple universities across the country.

Effects of the red scare

Homosexuals were being persecuted because they were thought to be a threat to American society. A bomb exploded in the home of a senator from the southeastern state of Georgia. Two people died, forty were injured, and arrested. As many as two million workers went on strike in Marshall , could be attacked on the grounds that they were unpatriotic. Throughout the years authors and analysts have studied and formed expository albeit argumentative books and articles in an attempt to further understand this period of time; the mindset held during this period however is shown to be completely different compared to now. Though wrong, it was used many times throughout history. One policeman was stabbed and killed. In a time when almost any expression of disagreement with the government could be construed as "disloyal" or "abusive" this law had a "chilling effect" on free speech. On April 30, a post office employee in New York City recognized 16 packages by their wrapping and interrupted their delivery. By the mids, violations against civil rights had begun to convince many Americans to condemn the actions of the state and the federal governments.

And in the case of Abrams v. In the western city of Centralia, Washington, four people were killed in a violent fight between union members and their opponents. Thus one ran the risk of being prosecuted under this law merely for speaking out against the draft. Those indicted were often shunned from familial relations, released from work, and persecuted by law enforcement.

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