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A revived Air Tanzania will of course pose a serious competitive challenge to Precision Air and Fastjet and there is already talk in Tanzanian aviation circles that the national airline will reclaim the routes to Nairobi and Entebbe after Fastjet halted their flights.

In addition, it will boost investment in the region by reducing the cost of doing business. To realize the aspiration of becoming an aviation hub in the region, Kenya needs to fast-track the upgrading and modernization of airports and fully equip them fully with excellent facilities capable of attracting more international commercial airlines to the market.

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RTK Revenue Ton Kilometers Actual traffic load passenger and cargo carried in terms of tons multiplied by the distance flown. An initial order worth 68 million US Dollars saw two Bombardier QNG turboprop aircraft arrive in September which allowed Air Tanzania to resume operations on a number of domestic routes. Yield Management Also known as revenue management, the process airlines use to set prices for a flight. The national carrier performs fairly well in the aviation global rankings but it has areas that require attention. In the face of regional competition by Ethiopian Airlines, serving Entebbe three times a day, Kenya Airways serving Entebbe five times a day, RwandAir serving Entebbe four times a day and soon, no doubt there, a return of Air Tanzania again, will a revival of a Ugandan airline be an uphill struggle. Cargo Anything other than passengers, carried for hire, including both mail and freight. Globally, Kenya Airways was 49th with a score of 7.

Gilbert Kibe, Director General, Kenya Civil Aviation Authority in his speech during the opening ceremony CDM in Aviation aims to improve operational efficiency at airports by reducing delays, improving the predictability of events during the progress of a flight and optimizing the utilization of resources.

The ICAO says better management of air traffic can help and a new generation of more fuel-efficient plane designs is predicted within five or ten years.

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The rest, he added, can only be resolved by developing sustainable biofuels or turning to electric power — technology which is currently impractical. At the same time does leasing of brand new jets not happen overnight, given the delivery periods in place for aircraft and starting up with stop gap pre-owned and ageing aircraft will, as indicated before, not impress the market.

Putting the right leadership at the helm of the national carrier will ensure sound business practices and steer the airline into a robust recovery path to profitability and maintain a competitive edge.

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It is the standard measure of air freight activity. Although there is a growing number of airlines serving the domestic market, many travellers are yet to embrace this form of transport, as it is relatively expensive.

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Happy Landings to all of them. This is expected to increase commercial activity within enterprises serving the airports, increased job opportunities as well as enhanced revenue from a thriving aviation industry. Kenya is also one of the 44 signatories of the Yamoussoukro Declaration of , which requires African countries to implement Open Skies policy in order to increase traffic through hub points. In fact, I believe that achieving anything requires more than one person or company — we all need help from each other. Although Kenya Airways, the national carrier, serves a wider network compared to other EAC members, it is facing significant competition from Ethiopian Airline in the wider Eastern Africa region. Load Factor The percentage of available seats that are filled with paying passengers, or the percent of freight capacity that is utilized. Although there is a growing number of airlines serving the domestic market, many travellers are yet to embrace this form of transport, as it is relatively expensive. A new recovery plan put into place more recently has however shown a marked upturn in fortunes again over the past few months giving rise to hope that the airline will soon fly into less turbulent financial territory again. It is the principal measure of airline passenger traffic. Finally, EAC countries should fast-track full implementation of the principles of the Yamoussoukro Declaration. All the main Gulf airlines, Qatar Airways, Etihad, Emirates but also Air Arabia from Sharjah, besides Turkish Airlines are flying daily or double daily to Nairobi while most of the European airlines too are calling on Nairobi, either daily or several times a week.
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