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As a result of no logos, it is also hard to tell if Allstate Insurance is quality or accurate because there is nothing to back them up. It is very important to understand how Semiotics works because it is forever being used in all forms of media.

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Isn't the real "mayhem" the guy who's so easily distracted and so creepy that he leers at a woman long enough to crash into a lamppost?

Ahead of the annual The Drum Advertising Awards, The Drum has joined forces with leading industry legends and The Financial Times to recognize some of the most enduring campaigns of all-time.

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Advertisement Raleigh Floyd said that the Mayhem campaign was intended to try to reach specifically young adults, aged 25 to On the official Facebook fan page for MayhemAllstate notes that Mayhem is, emphasis mine, "everything from a moody teenage girl to a wild deer out chewing on leaves.

You might be tempted to argue that Allstate wouldn't fear blowback from mocking men, but that's an apples-to-oranges argument. Advertisement Why this matters I'm not saying Allstate is singlehandedly making the world a harder place for young women, or that the company is some sort of champion of misogyny.

Through their commercials, like many other companies, they are trying to convince their viewers that you must have Allstate insurance because no matter the situation you will be protected. I consider myself a feminist though I don't make a habit of loudly announcing it because doing so is reminiscent of the guys who minor in Women's Studies in a ill-conceived attempt to get laid.

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How Allstate's Mayhem brought carnage and humor to insurance marketing