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Myths that celebrate individual achievement mask fundamental truths of great import. Understanding the ways historians construct their arguments is essential to writing good history papers.

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The online version of the Catholic Encyclopedia has the older view, hardly surprising since it was written in What major similarities? I want to examine how these online reference works and textbooks stack up against each other, taking into account their different purposes and intended audiences. Figure 1: Screenshot showing the Wikipedia revision date. Most books in the history section of a library and the articles in history journals are secondary sources. I compared the mythologies of the American Revolution discussed in my book with those perpetuated in these texts, and the results are startling. Of course, on-going mechanisms for dealing with inaccuracy are also built in, but it is just not that hard to find an individual error of historical fact on Wikipedia. In a recent study, Lucassen and Schraagen demonstrated that readers with domain expertise and novices establish trust based on different dimensions of information quality. Wikipedia is so easily accessible that authors may discount accessibility as an investigative object altogether in studies Arazy and Kopak , Reference: Kirszner, Laurie G. Primary sources include manuscripts such as letters, diaries, journals, memos.

Fischer showed that Revere was not such a solitary hero. Does any respected source list them as a credible authority or expert on the subject they are commenting on or promoting? It was only later, in and inthat Gregory and his supporters directly articulated a prohibition against lay investiture.

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Some of the worst misinformation is spread virally through email forwards. Professors like Waters are experts and for them, the dimension of accuracy looms large. Reliability refers to the consistency of the author's account of the truth. Hunt et al asserts that Gregory thought Henry "was just a layman who had no right to meddle in church affairs" Hunt et al. As the following diagram suggests, possible dimensions or components of overall quality may include objectivity, completeness, representation the presentation of material in a clear, comprehensible manner , and accessibility, but there is no one fixed definition of quality Arazy and Kopak , 91; Naumann and Rolker Among my favourite novels as a teenager were Peter Ackroyd 's The House of Doctor Dee and Hawksmoor, historical novels that shade into magic and fantasy, but do so from a solid foundation of knowledge of the period. Opinions cannot be verified because they are not facts. If a bit of poetic licence in historical fiction helps to keep people's interest in the past alive, so much the better. Do not be hornswoggled. There are some people, for example, who would force people if they only could, to accept their religious beliefs.

There too, I undertake a more thorough deconstruction of the particular stories: how, when, and why each was created, and how each masks real history. The January letter from Henry to Gregory is quoted before the elevation of Tedald in Milan is mentioned, giving a misleading impression about the sequence of events.

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Then skim through the chapters, taking cues as to which paragraphs are most important from their topic sentences.

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Are U.S. History Textbooks Still Full of Lies and Half