A comparison of democracy and communism

Some democratic states do not allow freedom of religion due to the views of the majority.

communism vs capitalism

Elsewhere, the first priority of socialists was to establish democratic institutions. Socialism was a diffuse bundle of competing ideologies in its early days, and it stayed that way. However, many democracies do utilize a capitalist economic system, which is characterized by private or corporate ownership of goods.

But in democracy, this aspect is not there. Discrimination In theory, all members of the state are considered equal to one another.

Communism vs socialism

Yet the left has made scant progress in articulating and winning support for a credible alternative. Both ideologies purport to be based on equality and fairness but they utilize very different methods. However, communism is largely viewed as an economic structure and not a political theory. Summary 1. But democracy is a complex, shifting and contested concept. Economic System The means of production are held in common, negating the concept of ownership in capital goods. Democratic countries span the world and the majority of developed nations have democratic political systems. In a communist society, however, the government is controlled by one political party and political dissent is not tolerated. Cuba, the Soviet Union, and China have typically referred to themselves as communist but private property and ownership were never fully established. Rather than eliminating class, China's and Russia's communist revolutions created small, enormously wealthy Party cliques that profited from connections to state-owned enterprises. Cuba, Laos, North Korea, and Vietnam, the world's only remaining communist states with the exception of de facto capitalist China , have a combined gross domestic product GDP roughly the size of Tennessee's. Majority Rule. Varies from state to state.

Communists countries are most often led by totalitarian governments with a political regime exercising complete control over the state and its citizens. Majorities can abuse minorities.

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Communism and democracy